Everything you need for safe driving

Is Taxi Petrol the right solution for you and your business?

What can you get from us?

Gas stations

Twenty state-of-the-art gas stations near you are places where you can find everything you need for a smooth drive.

Our employees are always here for you to make the fueling process as simple as possible so that you can travel and do your business without stress.

In addition to refuelling, our gas stations have car washes, shops and methane stations, and our own vehicle fleet, so you can get everything you need for safe driving in one place.

Types of fuel

Fuel Transportation

Our fleet of 20 cisterns is a mobile fuel supply network always there to meet your needs.

Whether you are a home, a company or an industrial plant, we provide the possibility of having fuel delivered directly to your address, saving you time and making everyday challenges easier.

Our team of highly trained professionals guarantees safe and efficient fuel transfer, so your experience with Taxi Petrol is always carefree and reliable. With our help, take control of your fuel supply, which is now delivered directly to your doorstep.


Gas bottles

In our gas bottle filling station, you will receive top service and practical solutions for your needs. We are particularly proud of our delivery service, thanks to which you can now receive gas bottles directly at your home address.

With quality service, your entire experience will be simple and stress-free. Thanks to our team, dedicated to providing efficient delivery service, you can focus on what's important while we take care of your gas bottle supply.

Entrust us with your gas bottle needs and enjoy the convenient and reliable delivery we offer directly to your doorstep.



Welcome to the stores located inside our gas stations, where a fast and efficient fuel supply awaits you and a wide range of products that will satisfy all your needs. Our carefully selected range includes essential products such as AdBlue and a diverse range of high-quality motor oils.

Enjoy the diversity of our range and explore the products that will improve your vehicle's performance. Experience the convenience of shopping at our pumps, which are more than just gas stations - they're destinations that take care of your journey.

Car washes

Car Washes

Our car washes are located at gas stations in Kikinda and Vrnjačka Banja, so you can get fuel and care for your car in one place.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees thorough and efficient cleaning and professional staff that takes care of every detail, your vehicle will shine, and you will have a refreshing experience of cleanliness.

Entrust us with the care of your vehicle; visit our car washes in Kikinda and Vrnjačka Banja and experience the highest standard in car maintenance.